Blend Duplin wine with your favorite Sweetzer mix for a refreshing, frozen wine slushie.


Berry Bliss

Oh, so popular strawberry Berry Bliss is the kind of little indulgence that folks love year-round. This frozen treat pleases all ages. For grown-ups, blend it with Duplin Burgundy wine (or a merlot). For the kids, mix Berry Bliss with Duplin alcohol-free Red Muscadine. Everyone loves Berry Bliss with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a swirl of soft-serve.

Blueberry Freeze

Blueberry and pomegranates mingle to create our Blueberry Freeze. Blend with Duplin Brice’s Creek (or a sweet white wine) for a cool, sweet and freezy experience.


Yes, chocolate goes with wine. In fact, it’s a classic pairing made even more delicious as a wine slushie. Blend Chocolatini with Hatteras Red (or a merlot). Everyone loves its fudgy kick, which is even better with whipped cream on top.

Electric Lemonade

A sweet-tart taste of summer memories, Electric Lemonade is pure sunshine in a glass. Mix it with Duplin Magnolia or make a blackberry version by blending this mix with Duplin Blackberry wine. Serve this Sweetzer as a slushie or simply stir up a batch and pour over ice.

Jolly Juice

Our most popular holiday blend is holly jolly berry goodness with a little spice. Blend it with any Duplin sweet red wine or make it extra special with red Duplin Christmas Wine.


Duplin’s take on the famous Mexican cocktail is a sweet, frozen treat. Blend this Sweetzer with Duplin Carlos (or a chardonnay) for a lively drink delicious any time of year.

Peach Bellini

Think "Summertime Brunch" for this wine slushie, although it suits all sorts of occasions. Blended with Duplin Carlos (or any dry white wine), it’s a cool, sweet and easy sipper with a soft peach kiss.

Pelican Red Rush

This Sweetzer was especially created to celebrate Duplin's partnership with the Myrtle Beach Pelican's MILB team in South Carolina. Mix with Pelican Red wine (or a Merlot) for a knock-it-out-of-the-park refreshing, frozen treat.

Piña Colada

Jump on the coconut trend with this frosty treat. Its splash of pineapple adds extra island flair. Blend with Duplin Magnolia (or a Riesling).

Pink Cosmo

Can’t-live-without-it love

is the feeling you get after one sip of this take on the famous cranberry citrus Cosmo cocktail. Blended with Duplin Pink Magnolia, a Pink Cosmo Sweetzer is the quintessential girls night out drink.

Primo Vino

Duplin’s original Sweetzer proves that classics are hard to resist. Primo Vino is always in demand. We can’t make enough! It’s not just the citrusy sangria flavor. Primo Vino puts you in that laid back Carolina state of mind.

Raspberry Mango Lemonade

Everyone is loving mango these days. Blended with raspberry and lemon, the popular fruit becomes a sweet-tart frosty delight that brings a summer vibe any time of year. Mix it with Duplin Brice’s Creek (or a sweet white wine).

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